Overrun by Eggs

It is September on the farm and we are being overrun by eggs- they are our zucchini of the Fall. Our thirty plus hens are ALL laying. It is the joy of the feed to egg ratio. Everyone is out eating their fair share of bugs and seeds and turning them into beautiful and healthy eggs. The baby Buff Orpingtons have all grown up from this size in April to egg-laying machines today.

When it comes to disposing of our bountiful harvest, it can be difficult if it isn’t Easter to increase demand with a surprise increase in production. The weather has been perfect, the light is changing, the new babies have begun to produce and we have not had as much culling necessary as we anticipated (meaning – the older girls are still laying like banshees.) Our friends have all gotten super fresh eggs for their Fall baking and the regulars are getting two for ones with instructions on how to freeze eggs for the Winter Baking Rush.  Everyone has an egg quota for the day, even the dogs and cats are on the roster with requirements.  Everyone’s coat is more beautiful and shiny . In the kitchen we have:

  • deviled eggs
  • sandwiched egg
  • baked eggs
  • scrambled eggs
  • hard boiled eggs,
  • quiche-d eggs,
  • frittata’d eggs,
  • custard eggs,
  • pickled eggs (my personal favorite)
  • frozen eggs

I recommend using the following site for recipes enough to handle a strong Spring/Fall laying experience.


This is from the American Egg Board and I found it quite useful when I am at a loss on how to use this great resource in a new and exciting way.  This helps keep the fridge open for all the other produce and foods we have been pulling in. There is nothing like a good old hard boiled egg on top of a fresh greens salad from the garden or stuffed in a meatball. Delicious!

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