Cheeky Monkey Black Eyed Peas

No time to spend the day in the kitchen today. I fired up the Slow Cooker to do all the work for us. The rain arrived this morning, so it is time to get out and weed around the gardens. Finally, the roots will release as the ground is not concrete. No more worries about pulling out any of the plants I want to preserve: those Spring beauties that have been hiding all Summer long like the daffodils, bleeding hearts and Virginia bluebells.cheeky-monkey-oil

Making a slow cooker full of Cheeky Monkey Black Eyed Peas is an easy-peasy, Sunday dinner. I am not one to think a condiment or product is irreplaceable, but that is how I feel about the Cheeky Monkey Tomato Oil. I’ve tried to replicate, no success!  This is a refrigerated oil that brings all the Pow to any dish, but I cherish it in this meal for the family. It doesn’t need anything but the peas and sausage to make for a Flavor wow dish. The container is great for stashing on the door of the fridge until you create your next masterpiece even if it reminds me of the blood bag- so is it the life-blood of this meal? Sure is.


Cheeky-Monkey Black Eyed Peas

Makes 4 servings


3 cups dried Black Eyed Peas (soaked overnight and rinsed)

6 cups water

4 fresh breakfast sausages, uncooked

3 TBS. Cheeky-Monkey Tomato Oil

4 cups fresh kale sautéed in olive oil and sea salt

2 TBS. thinly sliced parmesan cheese

Soak the peas overnight in cold water after cleaning, rinse and bring to a boil on stove for 5 minutes in a saucepan. Place hot peas and water in the slow cooker. Add the breakfast sausages whole and Tomato Oil. Cover and cook for 8 hours.

Serve in a large bowl . Place 1 cup of sautéed kale, cover the peas, and stand the sausage upright for a fall of cheese garnish. Side with a thick slice of homemade white bread smeared with fresh butter from the new Mennonite Farm Store down the road and you have joy in a crock pot.

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